高松英会話ケビンズイングリッシュハウスでは最近ずっと生徒たちが「PPAP」にはまっています!The students at Takamatsu Eikaiwa Kevin’s English House have had PPAP fever recently.

教室の小学生クラスの1つでは、生徒の1人が「PPAP (pen pineapple apple pen) ビデオ撮影したい!」と言い出し・・・それがコチラです!Y君、いいアイデアと、歌と踊りのリード、ありがとう!

In one of our elementary school English conversation classes, one of our students wanted to make a PPAP (Pen Pineapple Apple Pen)video. Well, we did, and here it is. Thank you for the idea, Y kun, and thank you for leading the song and dance.

高松英会話ケビンズイングリッシュハウスお直し中 / Kevin’s English House is Prettying Up

私の教室/自宅が現在外壁改修工事中です。建物周りの足場や時折聞こえる大きな音に驚かないでくださいね。改修工事中も教室は通常通り開いています。2月7日頃には終了する予定です。Our school/house is getting painted this month.  Don’t let the scaffolding and sometimes loud noise scare you away.  We will be open through the whole painting process.  It should be finished by February 7th.   Don’t forget to be awesome!



高松英会話ケビンズイングリッシュハウス / 外壁改修工事

高松英会話ケビンズイングリッシュハウス 2016クリスマス Takamatsu Eikaiwa Kevin’s English House Christmas 2016

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この女の子は、お母さん手作りのクリスマスの衣装を着て教室に来てくれました。This young lady wore a Christmas outfit that her mother made by hand.


今年は何人のサンタが来てくれたかな? How many Santas did we have this year?


ロウソクの明かりの中で「きよしこの夜」を歌う中学生の生徒たち Jr. high kids singing Silent Night by candlelight.


あなたはサンタさんから何をもらいましたか? What present did you get?


みんな、ベルを鳴らして! Ring those bells, kids!


高松英会話ケビンズイングリッシュハウスでは、クリスマスプレゼントをもらうのは子供だけではありません! The kids weren’t the only ones getting presents at Takamatsu Eikaiwa Kevin’s English House.


メリークリスマス!! Merry Christmas!!!

We were very happy to enjoy the holiday season with our students here at Takamatsu Eikaiwa Kevin’s English House.  From Christmas songs and dances to fun and games for all ages.  The younger students got snacks from various countries.  Each student got a different snack.  They were very shocked when I told them all of the countries the snacks came from.  I hope they enjoyed them.  I’m sure they will tell me in our next classes.  The adult students got some fabulous gourmet coffee from different parts of the world.   Did our gift help them start their day with vim and vigor?  I sure hope so.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy these pictures we took around Christmas.

高松市小学生英語暗唱大会優秀賞受賞! Takamatsu City Elementary School Recitation Contest Awards!

By 高松英会話 ケビンズイングリッシュハウス

ケビンズイングリッシュハウスからの高松市小学生英語暗唱大会受賞者 Takamatsu English Speech Contest Award Winners from Kevin's English House.

高松市小学生英語暗唱大会受賞者 Takamatsu City Elementary School Recitation Contest Awards!


Takamatsu Eikaiwa Kevin’s English House is happy to announce that 6 elementary school students from our school took 6 of the 11 top prizes awarded at the Takamatsu English Speech Contest in July of 2016 (sorry to post so late, we’ve been very busy).  They practiced so hard and did so well.  Even though 2 of the students were in the youngest grade in their categories, they still got awards because of their English speaking skills. Wow!

Great CD Player for Language Learning/Teaching

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Hello everyone. I want to tell you about a great CD Player for language teaching/learning. Scroll down for English.

Sonyから出ているお勧めのCDプレーヤー(Sony ZS-E80)のご紹介です。現在amazon.co.jpで8000円前後で販売されています。最近、教室用に1台購入し、使用している最中なのですが、語学を学んだり教えたりするするのにとても良い機能が多く付いています。一番良いのは、音の調子を変化させることなくオーディオのスピードを速くしたり遅くしたりできるところです。繰り返しなどの機能も充実しています Here is the link.https://www.amazon.co.jp/%E3%82%BD%E3%83%8B%E…/…/ref=sr_1_1…

I want to recommend a great CD player from Sony. It is called the Sony ZS-E80. It’s current price on amazon.co.jp is around 8,000 yen. I recently bought it and use it in my classes. It has many great functions for teaching or studying languages. The best thing about it is that you can slow down or speed up the audio without making the pitch high or low. It also has great loop and repeat features.

英語弁論大会おめでとう Congratulations on the English Speech Contests!

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awards collage


I would like to say congratulations to some students for getting awards in speech/recitation contests.  Hiroto, Kyoka, and Hiyori were given special awards for their performances in the 2015 Takamatsu Elementary School Recitation Contest.  Rinko received third place in the Takamatsu Junior High School Recitation Contest.  Ryoka got first place in Takamatsu and top 5 in Kagawa in junior high school speech contests.  Sora got 1st place in Kagawa and represented her prefecture in the regionals in a high school speech contest.  Thank you for working so hard, everyone.  I’m very lucky to be teaching you.


楽しいから学ぶ英語!English For the Fun of It!

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You don’t have to have some grand purpose to study English, you can study English just for the fun and enjoyment of expressing yourself in a truly international language.  Below are four stories of people from different walks of life who study English primarily for the fun of it.


A touching letter from Emiko.

高松市英会話 楽し



The first picture is of a letter we received from a student whose husband was transferred away from Takamatsu.  She is a young mother who was a joy to have in class and was liked by the other students.  Her letter was very touching.  Her letter speaks for itself.  I wish that I could write as well as her.

高松市英会話 楽し

Ryoka and some of her favorite things.


Ryoka has really taken to English.  She always shows up to class with a smile on her face and is ready to do her best.  Her interest in English has also extended to western culture.  Although she is only a junior high school student, she has already done a short homestay and has been to some superstar concerts like One Direction and Taylor Swift.  Are you jealous?  Her enjoyment of English has led to great communication skills and also (even though she is modest about it) great English scores at school.

高松市英会話 楽し

A cool kid playing the teacher.


The next picture is of a young student, Daichi.  He has been coming to our school ever since he was in kindergarten.  He is not studying because his parents are making him come, but because he truly enjoys the class.  It shows in his smile every week as we study, talk, and play games, all in English.  Since he enjoys English, he is doing very well in class. When he was in kindergarten, his mom said he was complimented over and over at the kindergarten in English class and the native speaker even had him do demonstrations in English.  Many people asked what English school he goes to.  He is young, but I am confident that he will continue enjoying English and do very well with it for future communications and as a subject in school.

高松市英会話 楽し

Longtime friends, Yuzuru (left) and Nobuyuki (right).


Yuzuru and Nobuyuki started studying English late, but have made up for it with time and effort.  They are both retired gentlemen who wanted to take up English as a fun hobby.  Well, they turned out to be very diligent students.  They study hard every day and are progressing very rapidly.  I recently had to move them up to a higher level class.  Their interest in English also motivated them to take an intensive English course in the Philippines; something they couldn’t have imagined even a few short years ago.

It’s Spring!

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Facebook Cherry Blossom

4月になりました!今月からKevin’s English Houseでも新年度のスタートです。昨年は、多くの小学生・中学生が英検に合格し、10名もの生徒(特別クラス等の生徒ではなく普通の英会話クラスに通っている生徒たちです!)が、英語の暗唱大会や弁論大会で賞を取りました。英語を仕事で使っている生徒もおり、教室で勉強して海外へ留学、転勤していった生徒もいました(寂しいですが・・・また会えることを楽しみにしています!)。海外旅行に行った生徒も多く、また、毎回毎回の内容の濃い、でも楽しいレッスンを大切にこなして意義のあるものとして吸収してくれた生徒の数は数えられないほどです。何人もの中学生・高校生の生徒が英語の定期テストで100点を取り、中には学年で英語の最高得点を取ったという生徒もいました。塾ではなく英会話教室でこういった成果が出ているのは本当に素晴らしいと思います。

振り返ってみると、なんて素晴らしい年だったんでしょう!でも今年もきっと、去年と同じように、また違った形においても、素晴らしいものになると私は確信しています。この1年の始まりに、私から皆さんにぜひお伝えしたいことがあります。 「これからの1年、皆さんに英語を教えることを私は心から楽しみにしていますし、皆さんが上達するべく出来る限りのことをお手伝いしたいと願っています。」 頑張りましょう!

英語弁論大会、受賞おめでとう!/ Congratulations on the Speech Contests!

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高松市英語弁論大会、ケビンズイングリッシュハウスTakamatsu City English speech contest awards, Kevin's English House.

Congratulations on the English speech contest awards, Haruko, Sora, and Atsuki!

高松市英語弁論大会、ケビンズイングリッシュハウスTakamatsu City English speech contest awards, Kevin's English House.

Congratulations on the English speech contest award, Shota!


Congratulations to Shota who got 2nd in a regional high school speech contest which took place at Takamatsu University in October.  He entered it late and only had one week to memorize it and practice it.  Wow!  Congratulations are also in order for Haruko, Atsuki, and Sora for winning the Takamatsu speech contest.  They took the three spots in the Takamatsu south block.  Wow!  Also, Sora went on to get an award in the prefectural contest.  You guys are awesome!  I can’t wait to see how they will do in high school.   You kids worked very hard.  I was so impressed with your dedication and improvement.  Also, I would like to say thank you to Chisato for her help coaching these students regarding voice and presentation.  I learned a lot, too!


We only teach 10 3rd grade junior high school kids right now, and 5 of them have won awards in speech contests  at the city and prefectural level.  That is just from regular conversation classes.  We don’t have a special class for speeches or presentations.  I’m so happy that my students can communicate in English, enjoy English and are using it to the best of their abilities.