Takamatsu English Conversation Party 高松市の英会話教室パーティ

Post by Kevin Cozma for 高松市英会話 ケビンズイングリッシュハウス

We have had some class and school parties recently.  First, I want to mention the cherry blossom party at Mine Yama.  We had a great time.  We had lunch, played dodgeball, talked, played tennis and Frisbee, made balloons…  Throughout the day, over 50 people came!  Thanks a lot.  Shall we do it again next year?

Also, we had a few going away parties recently.  One student will be going to university in Osaka, one student will have a baby this June, another will move to Britain for a year, another will move to Kochi, another will just change from Monday at 6:30 to Monday at 8:15.  Good luck in Osaka, Risa (no, not Risa Cozma).  Good luck in England, Wei.  We will meet again next year. Good luck in Kochi, Yumi.   Good luck in the 8:15 class, Hiroko.  You are doing great so far.  And good luck in the babies class, Ayumi.  You can be my teacher’s helper in that class.

Hey, Naoyuki.  Are you reading this?  Thanks for checking my blog out.  Don’t be shy.  Leave a comment.



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  1. Hi, Kevin. How is your weekend? Can you cook well?

    Thank you for a photo in Mineyama. My family enjoyed it. I forget to bring photos and DVD that I took in Mineyama. I will bring them next class.


    • admin のコメント:

      Hello, Kazutaka. My weekend is going fine. I took some photos yesterday after work, and today I went to the gym. No, I can’t cook very well. This month will be a little of an adventure for me in regards to food. I will probably live on sandwiches, salads, instant noodles, instant curry, and omelettes.

      Yeah, Mineyama was fun. I am looking forward to seeing the pictures and DVD.



  2. Shin-man のコメント:

    Hello,Kevin. I am Koshi.

    • Hello, Koshi. Do you like bowling? I like it, but am not a good bowler.

      I’m sad it is raining. Risa’s sports day was cancelled today.




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