Don’t Be Shy. Write, if You Like. 恥ずかしがらないで! もしよければ、コメントを書いてください :)

Post by Kevin Cozma for 高松市英会話 ケビンズイングリッシュハウス

Hello, everyone.  I am very happy that you are stopping by my blog.  Thanks for coming.  I appreciate it.  It is great you are stopping by to read, but don’t be shy to leave a message.  I have some advice and information that will help you leave a post without feeling shy or nervous about it.

  1. Yes, this is an English conversation blog, but don’t worry about writing in Japanese if you can’t say it in English.  I will be happy to hear from you in either language.
  2. When you leave a message, you must also write your e-mail in one of the form fields.  This is standard procedure for blogs on  Your e-mail will not be published with your post.  Nobody on the Internet will see it.
  3. If you write in English, I will write back to you.  I would be happy to keep a dialog going with anyone who wants to practice their English through my blog.
  4. If you write in English, don’t worry about mistakes.  This isn’t a test.  It is a chance for you to practice English in a natural and meaningful way.
  5. If you are shy about writing in English, or want to remain anonymous, use a nickname or pseudonym when you post messages on my blog.
Well, there you go.  I hope this information makes you feel a little more confident about leaving posts.  Hope to hear from you soon.


1. そうです、これは英会話のブログです。でも、もし英語で言えない(書けない)ようであれば日本語で書いても大丈夫です。英語でも日本語でもどちらでも、私は皆さんからの声が聞けるのが嬉しいです。

2. コメントを残す時、必ず用紙の一部にあなたの名前やメールアドレスも書く必要があります。これは、wordpress.comのブログでは一般的な手順です。あなたのメールアドレス等がコメントと一緒に公表されることはありませんので、ネット上で第3者にアドレスを見られることはありません。

3. もし英語でコメントを書いていただければ、私が返事を書きます。私のブログを通して英語の練習をしたい方とは、喜んで会話を続けていきたいと思っています。

4. もし英語でコメントを書いてくださるようでしたら、間違いは気にしないでください。これはテストではありません。これはあなたにとって自然で有意義な方法を使って英語を練習するチャンスです。

5. もし英語でコメントを書くのがどうしても恥ずかしい、または匿名希望でしたら、私のブログでコメントを書く時にはニックネームを使ったりペンネームを使ってみてください。

それでは、どうぞ。上記のアドバイスが、皆さんがコメントを書くのにもう少し自信を持たせてくれることを期待しています。 皆さんからのコメントを待っています!



Don’t Be Shy. Write, if You Like. 恥ずかしがらないで! もしよければ、コメントを書いてください :)」への2件のフィードバック

  1. flowerseizin のコメント:

    My topic today is the unique programs to promote saving household electricity in the Kanto region.
    Tokyo Electric Power Company,Tepco has 19 million household which use 30% of electricity consumption.
    The authorities concerned are now brainstorming to motivate households to save electricity.
    For example, Economic industry ministry set up a site for saving electricity with an award. 節電宣言サービス
    The households which register for that site and attain a 15% cut of electricity get an award such as LED bulb, movie ticket and so on.
    Why do you think, movie ticket is picked as an award ? While out of the house ,no electricity is used at home.
    Only by registering, and inputting the customer number of Tepco, the prize of participation like eco-goods are given.
    Because of financial difficulties, government asks companies to contribute their goods for this program.
    There are many contest. The titles are funny. Tokyo Minato ward set up 節電チャレンジ , award is a ticket for good ( gift boucher ) of 2000 yen.
    Tokyo Arakawa ward set up 節電マイレージコンテスト, award is electricity saving goods or emergency goods.
    Saitama prefecture set up 電気ダイエットコンクール, the highest award is an electric car.
    Meanwhile, big-scale electricity consumers such as factories, big office buildings, big facilities,etc. will have1 million yen penalties imposed in case they fail to cut 15% of their electricity. So far, they clear 15 % cut. but, it has just began. I hope we all can get through this hot summer somehow.


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