懐かしい思い出 A Blast From the Past

A while back, I wrote a blog  congratulating Haruka on being a finalist in the national speech contest.  As I wrote, she has been studying with me for a long time, so I thought it would be interesting to mention three of the students who used to study with her in the same kids class and are still studying with me today.  As a special treat, I have included some pictures from one of their earliest English conversation classes together.  They were playing Uno while practicing English pronunciation of numbers and colors.  It is a great game for pronunciation. As the kids play the card, they must say the color and the number.  This gives me a chance to test and correct them one on one.  Don’t let your kids find out, though.  They think they are just playing a game in English.  I am glad that I took those pictures that day because it is cool to see them as kids and now as high school students.  I have enjoyed teaching you for all of these years and watching you grow into wonderful teenagers.  Well, before I get too sentimental, here are the students.



Hikaru is now in the second year of high school.  It is easy to see that she loves English.  She is in the English speaking society at her school, and went on a  homestay in Canada by herself while still in junior high school.  That is her in the top photo about 7 years ago.  Hey Hikaru, were you looking at Yukino’s cards? This bottom shot was taken for this blog about one month ago.  Don’t tell Disney about this picture.  I don’t want to get sued for copyright infringement.


Next is Taku.  He is currently in the first grade of high school.  Like Hikaru, he too is into English.  He passed his written and oral STEP level 2 tests while still in junior high school.  Again, the top shot was taken about 7 years ago, and the bottom was taken about a month ago.  That’s Kazuya you were talking with.  Do you remember the nickname I gave him?  Again, with the copyright infringement!  Don’t tell Nike!


Last but not least, is Yurie.  She is currently in the first grade of high school.  She passed her STEP pre first while still in junior high school.  She dreams of being a translator.  Hey Yurie, I bet Yukari would love if you translated this blog for her.  What do you charge?  The top photo is of her reading a book as Haruka and Taku look on.  It was taken about four years ago, while the bottom picture was taken about a month ago.


By the way Haruka, I didn’t forget about you.  Here is a little blast from the past for you, too.


Keep up the good work, you four.  皆、これからもずっと今の調子で頑張って!!!

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  1. Thank you for great pictures, Kevin. I’m happy to see these pictures, too.
    I often play UNO with my daughters for practicing English pronounce of the color and number!

  2. You’re welcome. I am glad that I had those pictures on my computer. Yeah, UNO is great for practicing colors, simple numbers, and pronunciation.

    I am happy that you are using English at home. That is such a great way to spend time with your family.



  3. stripedTshirtgirl のコメント:

    Hi. Thanks for putting me on your blog!
    I was surprised to see my picture taken four years ago.Oh,my god!I have changed a lot in these several years.

  4. MAY のコメント:

    I saw the blog: )!! There were many nice pictures on it.
    I’m a little nervous, but I am looking forward conversing in English. I will try hard!

  5. Thanks for coming, May. I am glad that you like the pictures. Don’t be nervous. The most important thing is to relax and have fun. I’ll do my best to teach you well.



  6. Mikan-love-Korea のコメント:

    Hi!Kevin. Nice pictures! I like them.
    Yurie and Mayu joined my class. They are lovely!
    I remembered my high school days. Memories…
    Long long time ago…

    • Thanks, Mikan-love-Korea! Do you know Mikan-love-Canada?

      Yes, they are lovely indeed.

      High school? You went to high school? Just kidding.

      So high school was a long time ago for you? What, a couple of years? Me, too.



  7. Setouchi Sailor のコメント:

    Hello Kevin. Thank you for these great pictures. It’s very interesting for me to see us in our childhood.
    By the way,of course I remember Kazuya’s nickname. It was “__________”!

    • Hello Setouchi Sailor,

      You’re welcome for the pictures. I am very lucky that I took them. I don’t take pictures in my classes very often.

      You have a very good memory. I am happy that you remember his nickname. Yeah, it is neat looking at pictures of when you were a child.



  8. haruchacha のコメント:

    Thank you for remembering me lol
    I’m very happy to see my happy memories:)!!

    • Hello, Ms. Chacha.

      Remember you? How could I forget you?

      I’m happy to see them, too.

      I have to go now. I am going to eat some grass and ants. Just kidding.




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