忘れていた「映画に行く楽しさ」No.1 / The Lost Pleasure of Going to the Movies Pt. 1

Post by Kevin Cozma for 高松市英会話 ケビンズイングリッシュハウス

Hello.  What’s new with you?  Me?  I went to the movies last Sunday and had a great time; such a great time I thought I would write about it.


As a child (long, long, long, long ago) I loved going to the movies.  I can still remember sitting in the movie theater with my buddy Dean watching Star Wars.  It was 1977 and I was 7 years old.  By the way, thanks for driving us to the theater, Dad.  I even remember that I sat near the front and in the middle.  Over the years, I have seen tons of movies, both at home and at the theater.  Unfortunately, mainly at home.  A great movie is a great movie, no matter where you see it, but I think that seeing it in a movie theater adds a lot to the experience.


Although a true and total classic, I don’t think seeing Star Wars on the small screen of my TV would have made such a  lasting experience on me.  I also remember watching Karate Kid (the 1984 version) with my buddy from Kung-fu class.  We went window shopping at the mall (we didn’t have any money to buy anything), and watched the movie at the same mall, and then took the bus back home talking about the movie and we practiced the famous crane kick at Kung-fu class later that week.  Again, watching the movie at home just wouldn’t have made such a lasting impression.


Fast forward to 2011.  I’m an English teacher in Takamatsu, have a wife and child, go to the gym 3 times a week, and am an avid and award-winning photographer.  How often do I make it to the movies?  About once a year.  That has to change, starting now.

Stay tuned for Pt. 2 of The Lost Pleasure of Going to the Movies


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  1. R.T. のコメント:

    I remember waiting in line to watch Star Wars at the movie theatre in my hometown. I was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Now, with my busy life, it is convenient to go to the movies only a one or two times a year. I can watch movies on my computer at home. Nowadays, I even watch movies on my ipad. The convenience is nice, but as you said, the thrill is gone in a lot of ways. R.T.

    • Thanks for stopping by, R.T.

      You saw Star Wars in the theater, too? No wonder we get along so well. I guess we have to go to another movie together soon.



  2. aoking のコメント:

    I have seen so many impressive looking things in films like ‘Aibou”or “Real Onigokko”and others.
    Check them out. How cool are they?

    • Hello, again.

      I checked out the trailers for those movies on Youtube. They look great! ‘Real Onigoko’ looks a little scary, but exciting. ‘Aibou’ looks like a good cop movie.



  3. masayuki.s のコメント:

    I remember “Rocky Ⅲ”.
    When I was a junior high school student,I went to this movie by Kotoden train.
    And I went to home running and running,because I was very excited from watching “Rocky Ⅲ”.
    It is my memory.

    • Ha ha! I saw that movie in the theater, too. Mr. T. was great as Clubber Lang.

      I have seen Rocky, Rocky I, Rocky II, Rocky III, and Rocky IV. My favorite is the original. My second favorite is Rocky III.



  4. Mei and Rin's mama のコメント:

    I saw the blog for the first time.
    I saw the revenge of Jedi( ジェダイの復習)in the movie theater at the age of 11.
    I beieve the existence of ewoks.
    Now, a little Japanese. 我が家にも、イォークみたいなのがいますが・・・鈴です!!

    • Ha ha! Yes, you have a very cute little ewok. My ewok is grown up. Ah, memories!

      I’m a big fan of all of the Star Wars series. My favorite is The Empire Strikes Back. It is a little dark, but very exciting and interesting.



  5. mitsuko のコメント:

    I love Star Wars,too.
    Actually, before watching Episode 1 in the movie theater,I was not interested in Star Wars.If I had not ssen that movie in the theater, i may not have enjoyed it so much.
    Star Wars is amazing to watch on the big screen.

    • Yeah, Star Wars is one of the best series of movies ever made. Have you seen all of them? The Cozma family has. By the way, how is your husband? I haven’t seen him at the gym recently. Tell him I say hello.



  6. ikumi のコメント:

    Hello. This is my first comment
    I’m your one of your junior high school students.
    I love Star Wars,too.
    I like music of Star Wars.
    It is very cool.

    • Thanks for making your first comment, Ikumi. Yeah, the music is great for that movie. I also like the music from Jaws. Do you know it?




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