The Forgotten Pleasure of Going to the Movies Part 2 忘れていた「映画に行く楽しさ」No.2

Post by Kevin Cozma for 高松市英会話 ケビンズイングリッシュハウス

Let me start part 2 of this post with why I wrote part one of this post.  2 weeks ago, I went to the movies with my good friend R.T.  We had a great time and it made me want to go see movies more on the big screen.


So why the big screen as opposed to watching it at home?  Many reasons.  First, it makes it more of an event, having to leave the house to actually see it.  Second, size.  It is great seeing a movie on the big screen.  This is probably how most directors are envisioning their creations, so it makes sense that this is the best way to see those creations.  Don’t forget the sound, especially here in Japan.  It is great to hear the movie at full volume and not have to worry about bothering your neighbors.  Sometimes while watching a movie after 10 P.M., I have to turn down the volume during action scenes so not to bother or wake up my neighbors.  Here in Japan, you can also buy movie related goods like booklets, stationary and even toys.  Finally, there is the social aspect.  Usually when you go to a movie, you go with someone.  Even if you don’t, there is a chance that you will see someone you know at the theater.  I like this aspect, too.


So what movie did we see?  Sorry it took so long to tell you.  We saw a truly fantastic movie called True Gritt.  It is a highly critically acclaimed movie staring Oscar-winning actor Jeff Bridges and it was directed by the Oscar-winning  Coen brothers.  It is a remake of the 1969 film starring John Wayne.  Unfortunately, it was only in town for a few weeks here in Takamatsu.  I am extremely glad that I could see it when it was here.


So what do I want to see at the theater next?  Well, first up is Thor.  This will be released on July 1st in Japan.  Next, for the biggie; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.  This will be released on July 15 in Japan.  Yukari, Risa and I have seen all of the Harry Potter movies on DVD.  This will be our first one in the theater.  We are super excited about going.  See you there.

それでは、私は次に映画館でどの映画を見たいでしょう?まず初めに「マイティ・ソー」です。これは、日本では7月2日に公開予定です。その次は、話題作「ハリーポッターと死の秘宝 パート2」です。これは7月15日に日本で上映開始です。ユカリとリサと私はハリーポッターの映画は全てDVDで見ています。きっと今回が私たちにとって映画館で見る初めてのハリーポッターになるでしょう。3人とも今から興奮気味です。では、映画館で会いましょう!

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  1. traveler of life のコメント:

    My reasons for going to a movie theater.

    1. It has big screen.

    (Especially when a beautiful woman is on the screen. It is good.)


    During a funny scene, I laugh. When a lot of other people laugh, too, I feel happy.

    By the way, on Sat the 11th, my grandchild and I will go to a your house.

    We want to experience one of your lessons.

    I will phone you that day.

    • Good reasons. Especially the part about the beautiful woman. This Saturday sounds great. Yukari will phone you to tell you what time we are free.



      • Dear Traveler of Life,

        It was great meeting your grandson today. He did a great job. He was quite shy at the start, but he really talked a lot by the end of the class. Yukari said she could hear him laughing all the way from the second floor.

        I am looking very forward to teaching him.




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