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A while back, I told you about my Youtube channels; Takamatsueikaiwa about English conversation education and Kevin’s World about well, I don’t really know yet


Today, I want to explain one of the videos on my English conversation channel.  It is titled 高松市英会話教室 ケビンズ イングリッシュ ハウス.    For those of you who can’t read Japanese, 高松市英会話教室 means Takamatsu city English conversation school.  ケビンズ イングリッシュ ハウス is how you would write Kevin’s English House in Japanese.

今回は、私の英会話教室のチャンネルに載せているビデオの一つについて説明したいと思います。ビデオのタイトルは「高松市英会話教室 ケビンズ イングリッシュ ハウス」です。

I shot the video about 7 years ago, even before was big.  I wanted to show my folks what my classes were like, so I took my video camera into my classroom for a couple of days.  I did a little editing and came up with this clip.


It is pretty rough in terms of video quality and editing, but I actually like the results.  Two obvious omissions are that I’m not in front of the camera much (maybe that’s a good thing) and I should have included more footage from the high school and older classes.  Still, I think it is a fun video that shows that learning can be fun.


We do play a lot in class, but it is always done in English.  If learning is fun, you will remember it more.  Also, if it is fun, you will study more and longer, which is the key to improving in anything.  A common pattern/philosophy I use in class is ‘learn, practice, use’.  I want all three stages to be fun, useful, practical and memorable.  I hope you enjoy the video.  Right now I am incredibly busy teaching, but when I have a little free time, I will make an updated video of what I am doing in class.






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  1. aquakings のコメント:

    I think it’s a fun video. I didn’t see you much in the video, but you do seem younger. Now try to post a YouTube video made in other classes.
    I want to study a lot of interesting English in the future.
    I’m looking forward to it.

    • Yeah, it is a fun video. I am happy that the students are using lots of English AND having fun. May I make a video in your class, Aquakings? There are lots of interesting students in that class. It would be an interesting and crazy video, don’t you think?



  2. yumi une のコメント:

    Hi. After your e-mail,I checked your blog more than before. I wonder if I have seen
    this video before. All of your class are great! The video reminds me of the class which I was in. I enjoyed very much!!

    • Hello, Yumi. Welcome to the blog.

      Yes, please come back often. I will try to put up new information every week.

      You might have seen that video before. Long ago, it was on my homepage. All the classes are great because all of the students are great! I have an incredible collection of totally cool students. I am the luckiest teacher around.

      Your class was lots of fun. You spoke English very well, and had shared many cool opinions and ideas in class. You always did your best. If you ever move back to Takamatsu, I would love to be your teacher again. Your English was great, so don’t let it slip. Keep on studying. It is hard to gain language skills, but very easy to lose them.




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