Oxford Publishing English Conversation Seminar in Takamtsu

Post by Kevin Cozma for 高松市英会話 ケビンズイングリッシュハウス

oxford presentation

Yukari isn’t feeling well, so this week’s blog will only be in English.

On Sunday October 02, 2011, Oxford University Press  put on a very nice seminar at the Miawaki Bookstore Culture Center.

The first speaker couldn’t make it, but Oxford University Press consultant Mathew Lane did a great job filling in for him.

Mathew Lane

The main speaker was Miki Sakai.  Her presentation was wonderful.  She was an interesting and energetic presenter.  I’m very happy I made it to her presentation.  Topics ranged from songs and chants to reading and pedagogy.  Quite a lot to pack into a 40 minute presentation.  It was entertaining and I learned a lot.

Miki Sakai

Miki Sakai 2

Great job, Ms. Sakai!  She taught everything using examples of Let’s Go 4th Edition.  Samples of this new edition were on display.

Oxford display

Let's Go 4th Edition

The 4th edition is very new. It just went on sale last month (Aug, 2011).  It looks great!  I will definitely start using it.  Now, my students are using the 3rd edition of this series.  The next time I order textbooks, I will order the 4th edition.  Some improvements are a free students CD, and more reading practice in the book.  Unfortunately, I have to buy new teachers cards, CDs and teacher’s editions.  Ouch!  This could get expensive.

Last, but not least, Koji Kita from Oxford was here to answer questions and introduce the speakers.

Koji Kita

All in all, a fine event that was well worth going to (even on a Sunday)  🙂




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