New Library Titles for Kevin’s English House

Post by Kevin Cozma for 高松市英会話 ケビンズイングリッシュハウス

We got some great new books for our student library. Students can take these books home and use them whenever they want. We have over 300 titles in our library.

All of the new books have CDs or sound capabilities so that our students of all ages and levels can study English at home while enjoying the audio.

Click on a picture to activate the gallery.

I hope you like the selections.


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  1. Hiromi のコメント:

    I an Hiromi Takuma. write you massage first time.
    I learned Engish from you at junior high shool when I was a student.
    I still remember you told us that you love Yukari!

    A long time has passed Now I have 2 baby, I was search for English class for them, then I found your school.

    a few weekes back, I called to ask about baby class. and I know that class no opening now.

    I would like to wait vacancy.
    Can I ?

    I hope to join your class soon.

    sorry my poor english.

    • Hello, Hiromi. I am very happy to hear for you after all of these years. That’s too bad that all of our classes are full right now, but I have asked Yukari to put you on the waiting list. I am looking forward to seeing you and your children.




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