Alphabet Apps for Kids / 子供向けアルファベットアプリ

Post by Kevin Cozma for 高松市英会話 ケビンズイングリッシュハウス Recently, I wrote some posts about 2 sites English Pronunciation Sites and an app A Great Pronunciation App for adult ESL/EFL students who want to improve their pronunciation. Well, today I would like to share a couple of great app for young native English speakers and young non-native English speakers which will help them recognize the letters of the alphabet in a fun and stimulating way.  The first is a free app called ABC Alphabet Phonics, and here is a video showing it’s functions.

The second is a paid app called Elmo Loves ABCs for Ipad

最近のブログで、発音を改善したいと思っている大人のESL/EFL生徒向けに2つのサイト/English Pronunciation SitesとA Great Pronunciation App というアプリをご紹介しました。今回は、ネイティブの子供たちやネイティブではない子供たちが楽しく興味を持てる方法でアルファベットの文字を認識できるようにお手伝いしてくれる、とても良いアプリを2つご紹介します。1つ目はABC Alphabet Phonicsという無料のアプリです。上記のビデオでその内容がご覧になれます。2つ目はElmo Loves ABCs for Ipadという有料のアプリです。

They are both great iPad apps, check them out if you have the time.


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  1. yusuke aoki のコメント:

    My cousin has been trying to learn English in three years. I would like to introduce my uncle, so this application looks interesting.

    • Sorry for the late response, Yusuke. I’m glad that you think this is useful for your cousin. You can teach your cousin English, too.



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