楽しいから学ぶ英語!English For the Fun of It!

Post by Kevin Cozma for 高松市英会話 ケビンズイングリッシュハウス

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You don’t have to have some grand purpose to study English, you can study English just for the fun and enjoyment of expressing yourself in a truly international language.  Below are four stories of people from different walks of life who study English primarily for the fun of it.


A touching letter from Emiko.

高松市英会話 楽し



The first picture is of a letter we received from a student whose husband was transferred away from Takamatsu.  She is a young mother who was a joy to have in class and was liked by the other students.  Her letter was very touching.  Her letter speaks for itself.  I wish that I could write as well as her.

高松市英会話 楽し

Ryoka and some of her favorite things.


Ryoka has really taken to English.  She always shows up to class with a smile on her face and is ready to do her best.  Her interest in English has also extended to western culture.  Although she is only a junior high school student, she has already done a short homestay and has been to some superstar concerts like One Direction and Taylor Swift.  Are you jealous?  Her enjoyment of English has led to great communication skills and also (even though she is modest about it) great English scores at school.

高松市英会話 楽し

A cool kid playing the teacher.


The next picture is of a young student, Daichi.  He has been coming to our school ever since he was in kindergarten.  He is not studying because his parents are making him come, but because he truly enjoys the class.  It shows in his smile every week as we study, talk, and play games, all in English.  Since he enjoys English, he is doing very well in class. When he was in kindergarten, his mom said he was complimented over and over at the kindergarten in English class and the native speaker even had him do demonstrations in English.  Many people asked what English school he goes to.  He is young, but I am confident that he will continue enjoying English and do very well with it for future communications and as a subject in school.

高松市英会話 楽し

Longtime friends, Yuzuru (left) and Nobuyuki (right).


Yuzuru and Nobuyuki started studying English late, but have made up for it with time and effort.  They are both retired gentlemen who wanted to take up English as a fun hobby.  Well, they turned out to be very diligent students.  They study hard every day and are progressing very rapidly.  I recently had to move them up to a higher level class.  Their interest in English also motivated them to take an intensive English course in the Philippines; something they couldn’t have imagined even a few short years ago.